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Lots of lovelies!

Been to the Wilts ICT Conference today and picked up loads of great ideas to use back in the classroom.  Found out that Google has so much to offer, for instance, if you type say, 234*321+345/997 into the search bar then press return it will tell you the answer.  The search bar is it’s own calculator, simple!

Gadwin is a free piece of software that captures your screen and then automatically saves it in a file called Printscreens for later use, so many screenshots could be taken and stored rather than the normal way of print screen, opening a word document and clicking paste etc etc – quick, easy and more efficient.

Copyright free photographs are vital and by accessing them from this site allow pictures which have a CC (or Creative Commons) licence to be used for educational purposes without infringing copyright.  Attribution to the author is given which is also good practice for children to realise that using photos, music etc without permission is taken very seriously.

What a super site for UKS2 – is just a lovely concept!  A question is posed and around the question are paper aeroplanes with answers, ideas and opinions.  Hover over each plane to see what has been written by earlier visitors to the site, then write one of your own and send it and it turns red so you can locate it.

Another free download called which has lots of words and letter games.  What is particularly fab is that once downloaded, click sebran in the bottom left hand corner and you can change the language you are using – brill!!

More soon…

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