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African Safari continued…

The children have been writing diary entries about their very first day on safari.  We have already experienced five assignments through the Serengeti National Park (read earlier posts to find out what happened) and now as a result of all the excitement, came the writing.  There were some great descriptive phrases and feelings about their new adventure. Together with their diary entries, the children also wrote non-chronological reports on their chosen animal using the notes they made whilst ‘watching’ the safari.  The information given throughout the Wii game was interesting,  unusual and funny – which kept the children engaged.  Their note taking skills were tested though as they were so immersed in the game at times, I had to signal when a note taking opportunity arose.  The children this week have also created a Switcheroozoo creature and devised a brand new habitat for it.  These can be viewed on their class blog (see Bowood’s Class blog button).  Finally, (phew), a Wordle was made of their initial thought on viewing the Wii game.  These must have impressed the children as they have gone home and made Switcheroozoo animals and Wordles in their own time – brilliant!  Overall a productive few days…

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