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Quad blogging

I am continued to be blown away by the continued enthusiasm of the children wanting to write and comment on their class blog.  I recently took part in an online discussion about the value of blogging in school.  Many like minded teachers were involved and together the discussion proved a boost to improve mine and the children’s blog.  Much excellent advice was given by  (Microsoft Innovative Teacher National Winner 2010 )David Mitchell also known as @DeputyMitchell, as to what to include on your blog as well as how to get more visitors.  One point I raised was that although we have a lot of visitors to the blog, not many actually leave comments, which is a shame as the children love to read them.    Well, a few weeks passed and with much excitement on Twitter, David has begun to organise a project called Quad blogging.  This seemed too good an opportunity to miss, so I contacted David and put my class forward.  The way that Quad blogging works is that there are sets of four schools around the country (and the world it now seems).  On a four week cycle, each school is the ‘focus school’ whereby the other three schools comment and respond to the work on the focus school’s blog.  This not only gives an audience to the focus school but enables the children to blog, evaluate and comment on other children’s work and ideas, which impacts on the learning.  I am very excited by the prospect as are the children.

This coming week the ‘idea now becomes the reality’ to quote David and Bowood Class ( are the focus for our little happy band of Quad bloggers.  The other three schools are: Abbotswood Junior School ( with Phil Bagge (@baggiepr), Blackfield Primary School ( with Anna O’Sullivan (missosullivan) and Halam CE Primary School ( with Graham Cullen (@grahamcullen).

From recent tweets, we are all up for the challenge and no doubt this collaborative approach to learning and providing opportunities for dialogue between schools will be a rewarding experience for all concerned!

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  1. An interesting blog that describes my situation, almost exactly. I actually sent a tweet to Dep Mitchell about Quad Blogs, but it probably never reached him as I am a technical disaster. I have only just started twitter because, as you describe it is one way of reaching an audience.
    I have to move slowly with my staff and I now think I’d be rushing into it if I approached QB now.

    ICT is a very sharing community and outsiders like myself take a bit of time to realise that.

    The children will appreciate your efforts.

    Mr E

  2. It’s important to take on these projects when the time is right for you for you to get the most from it. Twitter for me has been a fantastic opportunity where like minded teachers can share, collaborate and communicate. It is definitely the ‘world’s largest staff room’ where doors are open to talk to experts in their field.
    If I can help in any way then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’d be only too pleased to do so. You didn’t say what your Twitter name was, mine is @nickynewbury for future reference. Thanks for your positive comments.

  3. I love the quad-blogging because we learn their topics and they learn our topics it is really fun!!!!

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