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I originally intended to write my first post of 2013 with a reflective tone to all that has happened in 2012.  Sitting here has made me reconsider, not that 2012 lacked highlights – far from it!  But, to me, what is now important is looking forward to the future and all the new and exciting challenges that may come my way.

A week ago, I became a very proud grandmother to Noah – a real thrill which opens a new chapter of adventure for me and my family.

After school today I had the absolute privilege of watching Tim Rylands in action.  I have been lucky to see him many times previously and he never fails to disappoint or inspire me to want to be a better teacher or to try new things to encourage children to be the best they can be – that is indeed a great talent, which I fully recognise and appreciate.

Ten days into the new year and already I feel excited by the future.  This is my ninth year of teaching and I continue to learn new things which is important to me.  I am always determined to do the best for the children I teach by constantly striving to be the best teacher I can be by learning new technologies, conducting class based action research, engaging in personal research, sharing ideas and resources, constantly adapting my teaching practice to reflect knowledge gained and continuing to search for new and exciting ways to engage and motivate children.

It’s all too easy to reflect and become complacent, reflective practice is essential, and goes without saying but the need to draw a line and move forward is vital for me and I plan to do exactly that.  Setting personal targets and goals are on my agenda.  Today has been a good day!


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