Sharing ideas and all things ICT… I am a Y2 teacher, AHT, ICT subject leader and mum

Playing a bit of catchup – have had this post in draft for the longest time and have now found some time to finally post it!

This was my second opportunity to share my love of ICT with people that continue to inspire me.  I was asked to present a seminar on ‘Digital Leaders’ for which I was only too happy to oblige.  My presentation was entitled ‘Developing Primary Pupils as innovative leaders of ICT’. I have had the privilege of being part of a fabulous project where the local authority has asked for bids for £5000.  I had to create an action plan showing what I was going to spend it on and how it would raise standards.  During this project I found there was a distinct buzz on Twitter about the use of pupil led learning or Digital Leaders.  I have written more about my journey of enrolling and working alongside them in previous posts but it really excited me how children could expand their pupil voice and impact on teaching their peers and teachers alike.  I have had lots of requests for my Prezi which you can see below – I have used the editable format to allow anyone who may find it useful to adapt and change to suit themselves.  I hope it inspires others to travel the same journey – definitely worth the time and effort.

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