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Wild Earth African Safari

After a big build up yesterday, today was the launch of our new adventure into the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania via the Wii game Wild Earth African Safari.  The children had viewed some YouTube videos yesterday to which they wrote an accompanying persuasive blurb.  It was somewhat ironic that as we ventured into the African landscape, it began sleeting outside!!  We talked about the landscape and  animals that would live there and why which built up nicely to today’s exciting safari.  All was going really well but unfortunately one of the children felt sick (and then was promptly sick – not sure if it was the motion sickness from the game or a bug??)  Once that was sorted, onwards we went, exploring the landscape and taking notes from the information given on the screen.  The children did a valiant job of taking the required photographs in their role of photojournalist/jeep driver.  Much excitement was had by way of children calling out instructions,  directions and whilst taking notes about the elephants together with operating the controller and num chuck!  They have learnt several things from today, to use more subtle movements regarding the controller, teamwork and co-operation and how to jump a mile when faced with a lion!!!!!  (It was almost like watching a 3D film as they all jumped backwards….)  Assignment 2 awaits us tomorrow where the focussed animals are giraffes.  Fingers crossed that there are no more dashes to the sink!!!!

Count On maths resources

I’ve mentioned this site before some time ago but it is worth revisiting. Count On has puzzles, games, resources and much more. It has new games and links added.

Better late than never…..

Sorry Stonehenge Class for making you wait such a long time…. At the end of last year, my old class (Year 5 now Year 6) embarked on making some animations to illustrate what was learnt about food chains. I have finally uploaded them to YouTube and here they are:

Christmas resources

Thanks goes to Mark Warner from Teaching Ideas who has just finished creating and collating loads of resources on the Christmas theme on Teaching Themes (worth a squizz).  I especially love the videos that range from the Queen’s first speech to claymation animation to ‘how to’ ideas.

Games Based Learning

Over the past few weeks my class (Year 5) have been playing My Word Coach on the Wii during Guided Reading and writing sessions.  They have worked in their guided groups at improving their vocabulary and spelling.  By getting more proficient at the game (i.e. more successes) this unlocks further games for them to play.  The game cleverly picks up that they are improving and makes the words a little more challenging.  I have to say that my children are really enjoying it! (Only two don’t have a Wii at home!!)  They are learning and improving their word skills without really knowing that they are doing it because it is in a format they recognise – a game!!  One of the best things that has come from this has been the collaboration and team work that the children have had to employ in order to become more successful.  This is only the beginning for Bowood Class as we plan to use other games across various areas of the curriculum to reinforce and consolidate  learning.  Watch this space…

Wallace and Gromit Facebook/Twitter pictures!

Create your own Wallace and Gromit character to share on Facebook/Twitter etc or email to friends and family – fun!

Primary School Teaching

A new  site was tweeted to me, called Primary School Teaching! Resources for ALL key stages especially Foundation Stage!!! Songs, lessons,teaching resources, self registration pictures, IWB activities plus much much more…

Light resources…

These units are from NGfL Cymru which encourages learners to consider light sources and how we see things.

As their site states, this is achieved, ‘Through a range of interactive activities that encourage collaboration and develop thinking, pupils will also consider reflection and how light is refected off certain materials, how shadows are created and uses of light.’

Read Kiddo Read

Thanks to Simon for the heads up on this site, where lots of literacy lovelies are to be found.  It’s from the Devon Literacy Team Blog who have recently posted reviews of  6 of the Best Websites for Keeping Teachers up to Date with Books.  It has a link to James Patterson’s site called Read Kiddo Read – worth a look…

Rocketman animation

A superb animation posted by olojac on YouTube about the characters in a book coming to life – been around a while but worth reminding people it’s there…