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Games Based Learning

Over the past few weeks my class (Year 5) have been playing My Word Coach on the Wii during Guided Reading and writing sessions.  They have worked in their guided groups at improving their vocabulary and spelling.  By getting more proficient at the game (i.e. more successes) this unlocks further games for them to play.  The game cleverly picks up that they are improving and makes the words a little more challenging.  I have to say that my children are really enjoying it! (Only two don’t have a Wii at home!!)  They are learning and improving their word skills without really knowing that they are doing it because it is in a format they recognise – a game!!  One of the best things that has come from this has been the collaboration and team work that the children have had to employ in order to become more successful.  This is only the beginning for Bowood Class as we plan to use other games across various areas of the curriculum to reinforce and consolidate  learning.  Watch this space…