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We now have our Digital Leaders – let the fun begin!

Myself and two Year 6 members of the Primary Leadership Team spent an enjoyable time interviewing applicants for the roles of Digital Leaders at our school on Friday.  I have to be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect as this was a completely new process for me.  With their applications in front of us, we (I say we but the Y6’s did nearly all of the interviewing – I just videoed their responses) proceeded to ask the questions we had agreed upon.

Firstly, I was really surprised at just how serious the applicants took the whole proceedings – it obviously meant a lot to each and every one of them.  I’ve uploaded a few videos of the successful applicants – they are all very excited about the prospects that lie ahead.  In fact one boy who’s birthday it was the next day said that it was the best birthday present ever!!!


Bethany Pt 1

Bethany Pt 2


Louis Pt 1

Louis Pt 2