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Snow Fun!

Many days passed and not one flake settled.  I was hearing and watching stories of drifts a foot (or 30cms) high, virtual standstill of traffic, school closures, snow fun on any slight incline that would accommodate a sledge and fantastic sculptures of a variety of shapes and objects.  It felt like we were in a bit of a ‘Bermuda Triangle’  where this chaos hadn’t touched us.  On Wednesday night we magically had a couple of cms and now we felt part of the group.  Driving into work I kept thinking ‘be careful what you wish for’ as I too wanted snow like everyone was experiencing and now I  had it.  As I walked through the doors, the phones were ringing off the hook as to enquiries asking if the school was open. Our website server had crashed and the website was temporarily off line (whether this added to the thinking that the school might be closed – not sure??)  Children then started arriving, having been asked to remove their shoes so as to keep the wetness inside to a minimum.  Tiptoeing in stockinged feet added to the excitement.  Then at last came playtime…  only a smattering of snow compared to many but it didn’t stop the enjoyment that the children felt.